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  1. Amphibians
    Well my pacman frog died a few days ago. And I find it quite strange to not have a frog in my room anymore. So I was thinking of getting another one. I was thinking either another pacman or maybe go for a tomato frog. So just wondered which one you would prefer. See if i can make up my mind. Thanks
  2. Cats
    Okay so I am just curious what everbodys favorite kind of cat is! I would have to say mine is a Turkish Angora. I think that they are so pretty. What do you guys think?:neenaw:
  3. The Water Cooler
    On average, how much time do you spend on here? I think I spend waaaay too much :P. I just thought this would be a fun thing to find out!
1-3 of 3 Results