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  1. Reptile & Amphibian Discussion
    My bearded dragon Mushu wasnt eating for a while and now he's eating more regular,, but still isnt eating too regr yet. my family and i already have that sort of taken care of. the problem that i'm facing now is that he isn't pooping and i don't know what is wrong with him. I would really...
  2. Rabbit Discussion
    My 1 year old, de-sexxed Male Mini-Lop rabbit Humphrey who is fully house trained and lives in a decent sized cage/hutch, with several long free playtime to come and go between his cage and lounge-room during the day, has become a real &@^! at night, he's great during the day, well behaved and...
  3. Rabbit Discussion
    Lucy, our mini rex, is nine months old and was spayed about five months ago. She had gotten incredibly aggressive by then, but by a month or so after the surgery she was back to normal. She has been a house bunny for about six months and is very good about using her litter box when she wants...
  4. Cats
    Hi, my son brought home a kitten about 8 months ago. For the past couple of months if we leave a towel on the floor or a throw rug (other than the ones in my room and bathroom), he will use them. He uses the litter box as well but seems to like these spots as well. I've tried different litters...
  5. New Member Introductions
    My husband and I retired a couple of years ago, and quite enjoy it, he has a hobby and tinkers downstairs, I am a more social person and have joined a few clubs. We have had Fox for 9 years, and Tiff for 12 years, the budgies have lasted for 6 months now. We went through a time where we would...
  6. Cats
    We have had our cat for 5 years now. And, he always used the litterbox. Now he won't go in his litterbox at all. He pees and poops all over the house. We have tried changing the type of litter twice now. He seems fine other than this. Any suggestions? :rolleyes:
1-6 of 6 Results