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  1. Dogs
    Hi! I adopted a two-year-old shihtzu mix two week ago, and we're having some big potty issues with her. First, she won't pee unless she's completely alone, making it impossible to reward her when she does her business where she should. I have the feeling she was probably treated poorly when...
  2. Dogs
    It is an irrefutable truth that puppies need to eliminate many times in a day. Younger dogs take time in learning when and where to eliminate. It is hence, essential to understand the conduct of dogs and potty train them accordingly. Some of the major Puppy potty training problems are:- 1. The...
  3. Cats
    so i am having some serious problems with my male tabby. i adopted him from a shelter some years ago and when i first brought him home he was very well bathroom behaved other than he didnt cover his poo which didnt really bother me.....then we moved to a new home. for the first few weeks to...
1-3 of 3 Results