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  1. Dogs
    Yep, I found one. In the ghetto. Seriously. I have to drive through the ghetto to get to and from my parents' house. Well, on the way back, I see this black dog wondering aimlessly in the street. It had no concept of the cars or anything. So, of course, I pull over. In the ghetto...
  2. Bird Discussion
    does anyone have a pet duck? How do you like them for pets? can you potty train them?
  3. Dogs
    My dog Padfoot is just over 2 years old. She's potty trained, but lately she's been having this issue of piddling on the floor. She only does this when my husband is home. Here's the deal... I am at home most of the time, and she goes out regularly. She never goes in her crate, ever. That...
  4. Dogs
    I just got my first puppy in my adult life. He was born November 10, 2007, and I brought him home in February. I potty trained him pretty quickly, and he started to go days without an accident. He finally learned to go to the door if he had to go, and I was so proud of him. Now fast forward a...
  5. Cats
    Hi Everyone, I really need your help. My current boyfriend has been renting the same house for four years. I just moved in with him a year ago. Our Landlord is one of his friend's mom. The lease says that pets are not permitted without written permission from the Landlord. I need your...
  6. Rabbit Discussion
    Ok, littertraining.. TELL ME ALL THAT YOU KNOW!! I'm freaking out! My old bunny Thumper never went to the bathroom out of the litterbox. I didn't have to train him. I got pretty lucky =] So now I have Ruby who doesn't use the littlebox, AT ALL. She uses the bathroom (numbers 1 and 2) in her...
  7. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    my parents think rats are dirty sewer animals but i love them and i want one so bad. what can i say to make them change their minds? HELP!! give me your best... i need it!! La La, Jomance23:confused:
  8. The Water Cooler
    .....figure out they could roll over? ...start grabbing at things? .....start having tummy time? ......start lifting their heads?...... just curious....:binkie: :angel:
  9. Rabbit Discussion
    Hello everyone, I was hoping I could get some input on my fluffy. Still not sure wether it is a boy or a girl. However; Fluffy is about 5 months old, and was potty trained to use a corner potty. But in the last two days I went to get Fluffy out and He kept pooping and peeing on my kitchen...
  10. Dogs
    I love my little dog, I really do, but she won't listen to me! She's 2 1/2 years old, I've had her since she was 9 weeks, and we are still working on sit. I don't know what to do anymore. I have this image in my mind of a dog that listens to my every command. And then I look at Daphne, and its...
  11. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    two questions : should i potty train my hamster Dess? and if so, any tips to make it easier?
  12. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    On my boyfriends last day off we went to 5 diffferent petstores looking for another rattie to be friends with buddy. And the ratties that there we saw were either missing fur, bit us or there were none in the store. :( . So anyways I started thinking and decided I needed to get a bigger cage...
  13. General Rodent Chat
    Hi everybody, my girlfriend is going to college, and she is looking for a new small friend. She's got her own house, so she can have any pet. Anyhow, she doesn't want any pet, she is looking for the "perfect" pet for her. She wants it to be, intelligent, rather small, sociable towards humans and...
  14. Rabbit Discussion
    Hi everyone! It has been SUCH a long time since I have been on here. My mother has the only bunny I have left and is taking care of him until I can find a place to live that would be bunny safe. He IS potty trained - or at least we thought he was. She has had him for a little over a year now...
  15. Guinea Pig Discussion
    I found an awsome way to litter box trian piggies and I thought I should share it with everyone! :D Its very simple really... Just put your hay rack above a litter box! Well, now Sunny and Lizzie are potty trained. :) Im so proud of them! I think Sunnys still a bit scared of the litterbox tho...
  16. Sugar Glider Discussion
    can gliders be potty trained?
  17. Dogs
    Whats in your dogs crate? Since both our pups have been spending more time in there crates, i thought it would be interesting to hear what other people have in there dogs crates. Allie has a little washable bed thing we found at walmart, before that she had a little piece of carpet. and a...
  18. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    I just posted about food but I forgot I had aother question. Kingston lives in a wire cage with a plastic bottom and it smells pretty bad like every other day. How often do most people clean hamster cages and what sort of cleaning solution should i be using that is safe for little Kingston?
  19. The Water Cooler
    Was wondering if anyone heard of this? had any thoughts opinions on it? Parents begin potty training at birth - Yahoo! News
1-19 of 135 Results