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  1. General Animal Discussion
    I just wanted to say hi. I am a mother to a 8 year old pug (black) who I got when he was about six weeks old because his momma and daddy were creeping and got caught. :partyhat: I love my pooch and he is my primary reason for the custom items I do for pug items. He still has issue with peeing...
  2. Dogs
    Hello, I've been trying to take my puppy (12 weeks) on walks, but everytime i put him down outside he just sits and lays down on the ground when I start to walk and he wont move from little tugs. He's a small breed (pug mix) and I don't know why he does this, perhaps you guys might.
  3. Dogs
    So today after my horrifying dentist appointment, I drove past an elderly gentleman who was probably walking home from the store... He was walking with a stroller for a total of 3 purposes: to keep his balance as he slowly went about, to hold his oxygen tank, and to wheel around his very...
  4. Dogs
    Hi! I'm thinking about buying a dog. Either a Chihuahua puppy or a Pug. We're considering moving to an apartment where dogs are allowed :) And I just love dogs! I grew up with a miniature poodle! And I have some questions: I have 1 cat (she'll be 3 years old in may). She doesn't love dogs...
  5. New Member Introductions
    hiyerrr! my names adele, i'm from newcastle, & i'm quite happy i found this website, i've been looking about for a website i can ask questions about my animals and find out more information:D! i've got a 6month old pug puppy called charlie, & a lionhead rabbit who's nearlly a month old! i'm...
  6. Dogs
    Hi, I'm posting on behalf of my Mum to see if anyone can help. My mum has a pug cross jack russell which she's looking to breed with a French Bulldog when she next comes into season. It's not something she's taking lightly - Lola is her princess and she's already found homes for the puppies...
  7. Dogs
    This is actually in reguards to a friend's dog. I babysat said dog last year for over a month. Durring that time, she got a major hernia which required surgery. All seemed fine after that. On Thanksgiving however, she was acting very strange. Her symptoms were: Shivering Not wanting to walk...
  8. Dogs
    Does anyone have a pug? If so Please post your Pictures!!
1-8 of 8 Results