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  1. Dogs
    Know what heaven feels like? It's when a pup fell asleep on your arms. And NO! You're not allowed to move. Don't you dare move a muscle! Saw this cute little sweetheart as I was walking around and took him home. Whoever abandoned him is not qualified to be a human. Whatever happened to humanity...
  2. Dogs
    As I was walking down the town to buy some goods, I found a cute little sweetheart on the way. Whoever abandoned him must be out of his mind. Such a sweetheart. I took him home. I would love to post a pic of him but I still have to reach 20 posts in order to share photos here (yes, forum...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone! My name is Dom and I am happy to meet all of you. I have just made this website with the idea of photoshopping peoples pets into doing anything they want and wanted to see what you guys think of it. Any critiques or comments would be greatly appreciated! Here is a picture of my...
  4. Dogs
    I will soon, all going well, be picking up a sable GSD pup. She is coming on trial to see if she fits in with us and we fit in with her. Somewhat excited!!
  5. Prairie Dog Discussion
    it's been quite some time since i've had a pd pup. i picked kiwi up from the airport on 9/11. she's since gotten used to her surroundings, loves people, does not bite, just nibbles hard. the problem i'm having (or maybe this is normal) is all she wants to do is be with me but when i'm with her...
  6. Dogs
    Here is my Boxer Pup - Harlowe :) Just felt like sharing! Anyone else with Boxers? Or photos of your dogs? :pug:
  7. General Animal Discussion
    THE girl whose puppy was stamped to death by a teenage thug spoke of her joy yesterday after being given a new dog – thanks to the Daily Express. April Alderton’s 10-week-old Jack Russell Sandy died of head injuries after being attacked during a walk in the park...
  8. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    my gerbils just had seven pups.. my plan is to wait for about 6 weeks and than move all the males into one cage, including the father, and leave the all the females in there cage... this is to help stop the breeding process, even tho she will probably be pregnant within those 6 weeks, but i dont...
  9. Dogs
    Since i don't think i have ever posted pictures of my 1 year old miniature pinsher/chihuahua i thought today would be better then any to show you all my adorable baby boy harley.
  10. Dogs
    Snapped a few new pics today. Nika's ears are now up :D and shes growing like a weed :D Nika wanting to move and see what the thing is in her face Nika complete with Scooby slobber *L* I filled my water plants container today and guess who was in it seconds later *rolleyes*
  11. Dogs
    OMG...i'm sooooo excited. My girl will be here sometime next week, she is not named as yet, it has to begin with an A, as she is from 'A' litter. The breeder and myself will come up with something i'm sure *L* A pic from the breeder More updates to come for sure :D:D
1-11 of 11 Results