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  1. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    So I keep trying the hamster thing using the closest pet store to me and they all keep dying. So i've disided they they are not worthy of my time and am just going to go get my money back but i would really like a hamster. So i was wondering if anyone in the ct area had a recomendation.
  2. Hooved Animal Discussion
    Hello, I am hopping forums here. I am actually a guinea pig owner but I am having problems finding what I need by searching the pig info. Are there any horse/large animal owners on here who happen to know where I can purchase wood chips/shavings in bulk in the Fort Worth, TX area? My feed...
  3. Guinea Pig Discussion
    In several months I will need a pig breeder in my area to replace a baby I lost. Does anyone know of one that is within an hour from Fort Worth, TX? I went looking online and the nearest one I could find was 6 hours away. I do know there is a pig rescue close to me but from what I...
  4. Degu Discussion
    Hi, I am thinking of getting a Degu, but I need to know everything possible about them and how to care for them first. Does anyone have any good links or info? Thanks! Laura
1-4 of 4 Results