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  1. Dogs
    Hello, we just had a litter of pure bred lab puppies. 2 of them have hair that is getting lighter on their paws as well as a couple of spots on their bodies. Is this common and what does it mean? The other 4 puppies have no discoloration. Thanks.
  2. Dogs
    It is currently 9:07AM in washington... I dont have to be up until noon... why am I awake? -Her name is Sparta -She is 7 weeks old -She is currently 12 pounds, is about 15 inches tall and is growing by the second. -She is a pure bred (pain in the rear) German Shepherd -I brought her home 3...
  3. Degu Discussion
    ORANGE: Blue: White:
  4. Dogs
    Here are some pics of the puppy that my brother and I saved. We may end up keeping him if we are unable to find his family. They say his name is Cody but I like Tito. You decide! "I'm ready for my closeup!" Him and his poodle: Today's Menu: Puppy Chow! ^^ Then he fell asleep...
  5. Cats
    As I get ready to shower every evening.:) They wait and watch. Why are they so fascinated with water? One time, Beau (the one on the tank) Begged to come in with me. I opened the shower door, and he walked right in!
  6. Dogs
    Without telling anyone what I've been told... just so I don't make your brain think it.... what breed(s) do you think he has in him? He's 1 and weighs 60 pounds.
  7. Dogs
    I am wondering if anyone can give me an idea of what one of my dogs may be as far as a breed. She (Belle)is about the size of a JR Terrier, but she has black skin, tongue, mouth, etc... Her fur is brown. She has a docked tail, I got her from the humane society, so I don't know if this is...
  8. Dogs
    Hi I'm Pretty new Here, but I just wanted to see If there were any other sheltie lovers on here. Also I was wondering if anybody could tell me if my sheltie pup is purebred. He didn't come with any papers, we got him at an Amish farm, no it wasn't a puppy mill, I checked. So I'm going to post...
  9. General Animal Discussion
    Hello everyone, Prepare your self for lots and lots of pictures!!! I figure I've been on this forum long enough, now it's time to share my babies! Oh, sorry for the length :) This is MY baby Luke, he's some sort of heeler/whippet/somthing mix, 4 years old. Got him from the HSPCA at 6 weeks old...
  10. Animal Welfare & Legal Issues
    Do you have a favorite pet charity? Where would you like to see donations go?
  11. Dogs
    Can you tell the difference? The Designer Dog breed quiz--can you tell which is which? I got a 28%. Funny how they look so much alike, yet some people have spent hundreds of dollars on a dog they could have just adopted.
  12. Animal Welfare & Legal Issues
    News Article This is my feedback that I posted: I am very happy to hear the government is taking a step towards reducing the pet population, however, I think pet owners should have to purchase a license to breed. Thereafter, the pet should only be allowed a certain number of births per life...
  13. Dogs
    I was talking to a family friend in St.John's about buying an house& such& he said I should look into getting a guard dog or two. & Immediately I thought of dogs being kept outside 24/7...& didn't like that& told him& he said no it's not like that at all& he said that the dogs he kept in his...
  14. Dogs
    first of all hello fellow animal lovers. i have a question that maybe someone could help me out with. my inlaws rescued a beautiful looking dog about 3 years ago and we want to know exactly what type of dog carley is?? she weighs about 19 lbs and is definitely in the spitz family. i think...
  15. General Animal Discussion
    Does anyone know if shelters are usually receptive to adopting to families not from the area? I live in New Brunswick, Canada and my family and I are interested in a puppy in a shelter in Maine (which is just a few hours away from our house but still across the border). We're looking for a small...
  16. Rabbit Discussion
    Here are some random photos of my rabbits yesterday.
  17. Rabbit Discussion
    here are some pictures of mine and my sisters bunny rabbits that i took this morning. This is Sahara Rice Zoe Billie Abby and Thumper
  18. Debate Forum
    This topic came up on another forum and I was curious what everyone thought. I know that there can be dangers on leaving a dog unattended while outdoors such as the dog getting loose, or it getting stolen. IMO I think it's okay if it's reasonable. For example...My mom leaves her dog outside...
  19. Cats
    We mated the cat and guess what? She only had one baby. Now I do not understand why this is. The cat she mated with was with her atleas five times it seemed. Did I miss the right time maybe?
1-20 of 82 Results