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  1. Rabbit Discussion
    Hi everyone, I'm new here, and I have a question about bonding. My six year old neutered dwarf, Spike, has recently lost his brother/bonded companion, and so we are 'fostering to adopt' a spayed female from the local shelter to see if we can bond her to him. We were preparing for a long haul...
  2. Site Help and Suggestions
    I call her by her name all the time and she isn't coming. Does anyone know about how long it takes for them to come when you call them?
  3. Rabbit Discussion
    In my first thread I mentioned that I baby-sat a big lop many weeks ago. Elijah's owner has been out of the country for at least a month and various friends have been watching him. However, no one else knows how to take care of him, and I was only with him for 3 days. Today I got an emergency...
  4. Rabbit Discussion
    has anyone here ever bonded three rabbits? someone wants to give me their angora. or they are taking it to the shelter. I have already have two rabbits that i have not bonded yet. I would like to bond all three of them together.
  5. Rabbit Discussion
    So Ive been considering getting a second rabbit so Oliver can have some company at home while we are at work durring the day. This past saturday we took him back to the shelter for a round of "dates." 1 bunny looked really promising. But im still not sure if having 2 bunnies is a completely...
  6. Rabbit Discussion
    This is probably going to be the first of many. I'm looking to get Hagrid hitched. I have my eye on a pretty gal in the same shelter we got him from. She's being fixed next Weds and then I'm going to try to bring Hagrid to meet her when she's recouperated. Anyway - he's the question...
1-6 of 6 Results