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  1. Memorials
    After our first cat passed away at the age of 15 years we decided to immortalize his paw print with an endearing message in fine silver so that we could carry the paw that touched our lives, close to our heart. We decided after many requests from fellow animal lovers to produce a product that...
  2. Memorials
    R.I.P Dickie My dwarf masked blue lovebird. 2004-2011 :( She was the first pet I got when I moved into my flat 7 years ago. Shortly followed by Schneeball =^o^= the rabbit. She was'nt well for some time , had a marble sized lump under her botty and had started plucking in the last year...
  3. Memorials
    I am afraid to announce the the passing of my Guinea pig girl Treasure { 'Y' } Came home today to find her dead and rather cold at feeding time. I had noticed over the last few weeks that she was on and off her food , a bit like a yoyo. But she was otherwise ok and I thought it trivial...
1-3 of 3 Results