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    It's definitely time for the babies to get their first bath. Especially the boys because when we went to the vet the viewed it as new territory and marked like crazy. What is the best shampoo (or other products) that I should buy? I was thinking of doing it in the tub. How high should the...
  2. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    I'm sure like our family most of you make your own rat/mouse toys, none the less...I love to supplement mine with store bought items. What are your favorites. Personally, some of my favorites are: 1. PETVILLE- WALK UP BARN (MEDIUM) 2. SUPER PET- CHEWBULAR PLAY TUBE (SMALL) 3. WARE...
  3. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    I want a Harley so bad! I just found out that there were more coats! How rare/hard to find are they?
  4. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    My girls are fine, but my boys are so picky! I want a couple treats they can't resist! I've tried a bunch. I have their food figured out, I just need some help with the yummy treats that you only feed once a day or while training!
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    What are your/links to your favorite recipes? Or maybe list some things that could be added and is shelf stable if I keep it in a sealed bag. Please help! I hate the food that is on the market because most of my rats are still basically tweens--- haha! (no older than 7 weeks)
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    They love strawberry yogurt, but I can't find out how much is too much? I don't want any upset tummies or diarrhea!
  7. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    ;) hi i have a 2 year old male rat that was diagnosed with a stroke and has lost the use of his hind legs. hes ok, eating and drinking and going to the bathroom. hes been on presidone for awhile. anyone have any help or suggestions i would be so greatful thank you
  8. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Hey Again, I have located two possible rat buddies for Lucy. They are females at a Petsmart about 20 miles from my location. I will be able to pick one up tomorrow after work (providing it is healthy) What would be the best way to introduce the girls? If they seem compatible at the first...
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    ok so Isabelle my little rat is tiny, she was just old enough to leave her mom so she is pretty small, i am looking for a rat friend for her but the one i find are about 6 months old and alot bigger then her. Should i just keep looking and try to find another rat her size or will she be ok with...
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    In may we rescuded a rat from Pets at Home, they couldnt make up there mind how old he was, the paperwork ranging from 8 months to 18months, it didnt matter, he was coming home with us! anyway hes a husky but lost all his markings so we think he is nearer the 18month mark! Just recently he has...