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  1. Rabbit Discussion
    Hi eveyone :) I'm sure you remember me posting about Oreo with her prolapsed rectum and how my vet had decided she needed to be put to sleep. Well here's an update on what happened to her (sorry I haven't been back sooner but my laptop broke and I couldn't find the forum again on my desktop...
  2. Rabbit Discussion
    Hi all I'm new here, posted my first message on the intro thread last night. I mentioned that my 9 week old lop had a problem and that's how I found the forum..........well, I just took her to the vet this morning and she has a prolapsed rectum, poor little thing. We noticed a very red bump...
  3. Rabbit Discussion
    We were just trimming our bunny's nails and we found she has some inflamed tissue protruding from her anal/rectal area. It has like yellow mucus around it too. We've been noticing small yellowish spots everywhere one the carpet for the last like month, but we thought it was simply urine or...
1-3 of 3 Results