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  1. Memorials
    Me and a bunch of my friends were taking a little walk and we found two little birds. They were both still alive but very bloody and battered up. My friend happened to have a bag in her backpack so, she used that to pick them up. They clearly would not survive so we buried them (not alive but...
  2. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    You were a great mother who was sadly over bred, but even so you still took on 5 little one with your heath problems. Your adopted last 5 babies will greatly miss you as will everyone in the house. The dogs are howling for you so my you now finally rest in peace.
  3. Rabbit Discussion
    Kodo jumped off a chair and his nail ripped! It came off and the skin around may be torn. His nail is still partially attached and I put cornstarch on to stop the bleeding. Do I leave the hanging nail or take him to our vet? I cut his nails yesterday so they aren't long. I think they got caught...
  4. Memorials
    George had to be put down early this afternoon. His eye had matted over and the vet looked at the lump on his cheek and told me what I knew but didn't want to hear...cancer..tumor. I was told he may have had a few weeks of life left if he were lucky and he admitted that the likelihood of...
  5. Memorials
    The degu that started it all. :heart: He passed away yesterday. He was laying in a big, comfy nest at the bottom of the cage. He was somewhere near 7, so a good age for a goo, but it still hurts. He was the sweetest one ever, and always loved to have the head/behind his ears/neck scratched. He'd...
  6. Memorials
    I am extremely sad to annouce that my beloved reggie has died this morning whilst i was giving him his medicine :sniff: He fell ill yesterday, i took him to the vets and he had pneumonia :(. At least your at peace now and with your brother, no fighting over sunflower seeds boys :rolleyes...
  7. Memorials
    My little betta cullen died yesterday. First betta and i don't know what happened. Love you. Rip
  8. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    I owned mice for about 3 years. They have all moved on to better mousy pastures, but I thought I'd share a few of my favorites. This is Slide. She was queen mouse and all the other mice knew it. Shadow, my sleek little black girl was my favorite. She would sit on my shoulder or in my...
  9. Memorials
    My poor baby Pudge had not been doing good the past week. and i woke up today and i checked on him, and i could not tell if he was breathing, so i picked him up and he was stiff as a board. so i gave him a kiss on the head and Dug him a hole right next to his brother hulk, and put him in the...
  10. Memorials
    This morning when I woke up my little boy Siam had passed away. He was 5 years old and a lazy little one but lately he had been slowing down and I suppose he died of old age really. He really made me love frogs and I will miss him so much. RIP Siam I will always love you.
  11. Dogs
    hi all my dog Suger is a boxer and we have had her for a long time and with taxs we could not get her to a vet (thanks to some one raising taxs i think we all know:mad2:) she is not doing good she is blind in both eyes we think she is limping she shacks uncontrolbly and can get down or up stairs...
  12. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    Its the end of his suffering, my poor lil man died. His stupid vet said there was no way they could see him until monday. I spent all day with him, he hadnt enough energy to even stand up, all he could do was breath and all I could do was cry. I am so angry at my brother, I will never forgive...
  13. Memorials
    Panda my calico fantail died yesterday. He had been acting quite sluggish lately and yesterday I suppose he just couldn't take anymore. RIP my little one. Mapache will miss having another fantail to swim around with.
  14. Memorials
    Indie sadly had to be put to sleep this morning :( The vets found out that he had kidney failier when they took blood tests, and he had to be force fed and put on a drip :( I'm so upset, I feel sick just thinking about it. He was the best thing that happened to me and my family in a long time...
1-14 of 14 Results