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  1. Degu Discussion
    Helllo So my beautiful girlfriend and myself have been looking for the perfect pet for ages now and have finally found them, we are both very interested in learning much more about are new pet degu's First of all, all my knowledge comes from the last week of reading absolutly everything I can...
  2. General Animal Discussion How many of these sick people are out there ?
  3. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    just had 7 gerbil pups, and at about 6 weeks i wanna no which ones are girls and which ones are boys... i searched the internet on how to find these things out, but i found it very difficult to tell with younger gerbils.... whats the easiest way to tell if my gerbil pups are male or female?
  4. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    I have two mice, 4 mos old, 3 mos old, and both *appear* to be female. I truly can't see any difference except that the nipples on the older one are very visible. The older one seemed to establish dominance when we introduced her friend, but today, I saw the young one trying to mount the...
1-4 of 8 Results