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  1. Dogs
    Taken today with my new camera! ENJOY! Ruckus Lynn
  2. Dogs
    Well I have come to the conclusion that I have gone a little camera happy and I am taking alot of videos and pictures of Kibbles that I share with all of you, so instead of making a new thread every time I take new pictures (which seems to be often) this thread is now the Official Kibbles Thread...
  3. Dogs
    I know, I know... more pictures. YES! More pictures AND videos : ) Today Kibbles and I went out and played in the snow with a stuffed frog. Poor frog. Kiwi had to stay inside because 1)The snow is to deep for her 2)She just got groomed today 3)I couldn't find her jacket/clothes...
  4. Dogs
    Ok well as some of you might know Kibbles is a little bit...umm...lets just say he's plump. So well he needs to loss a bunch of weight and I was just curious as to what the other sheltie owners are feeding and how much, but still keep his coat nice and shiny. I take him out for walks as much...
1-4 of 4 Results