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  1. Prairie Dog Discussion
    Hi, i have a little pet prairie dog named Gambino and im trying to figure out how to get him to college. Initially i was gonna drive from my home (miami, fl) to my school in st louis. I start school monday and was going to head out thursday but now there is a hurricane coming on thursday...
  2. Multiple Specie Breeders
    I want to get a couple chinchillas from a good breeder but I don't know of any around here (SE Minnesota). Yes I know Chinchillas and Gerbils are completely different lol but I thought I might as well wrap everything into one thread. Gerbil- looking for gg recessive and or cb/ch. Would take a...
  3. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Can it be done? At what age? Simply in a kitten carrier or something? How do I find out more about shipping costs and everything needed (I'm assuming a vet's clean bill of health) and what about shipping to Canada? Is there quarantine for shipping to Canada? As a side note, I just put a...
1-3 of 3 Results