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  1. Chinchilla Discussion
    I just noticed that Optimus has diahhrea. He was totally fine last night. I started giving him rose hips, shredded wheat and mazuri on Thursday (only a very small amount). Could this be the problem. I'm thinking of taking him to the vet right now. Any ideas?
  2. Degu Discussion
    i am in the process of getting a house ready for 3 degus and i would love to see all of your homes you have bought or made or whatever and also what you are feeding them and toys for them and any recomendatiuons you may have. thanks-melony
  3. Degu Discussion
    yesterday in adn atempt to get them more used to me i offered them treat of a rasin for each of them they took them right from my hand... they seemed to really like them...what other treats can i hand feed them to get them to more used to me..
  4. Degu Discussion
    I can't remember if wheat is good or bad or neutral for degus? Skippy loves Wheaties cereal. I thought it was a good alternative to nuts and seeds when it comes to treat. 3/4 cup only has 4 grams of sugar so I figured it's not too sweet for him if I only give him a few flakes at a time. I just...
  5. Chinchilla Discussion
    I purchased some alfalfa and timothy hay cubes and was wondering if these are as good as just regular hay. The hay I have for Optimus now, he throws everywhere and only likes certain parts of the hay. Can I only give him these cubes now or should I give him both? My mazuri and tons of toys...
  6. Chinchilla Discussion
    I was in Petco today and noticed that they sell liquid vitamins for chinchillas. I know there's a lot of things sold in pet stores that say they're safe for chinchillas, but really aren't. Should I give my 5 month old chin vitamins?
  7. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Added More Toys And Got Blue Lino For The Floor Its Far Easier To Clean And Theres No More Smell && They Seem To Like It :) Blue Lino Their Cage Inside Of The Cage Toto Relaxing Baby Novo Play Fighting AS USUAL lol BIGGG Toto Does Anyone HAve Any Ideas On What Else I Should Add To...
  8. Chinchilla Discussion
    Hello my name is louise i have a new chin and i have some questions if anyone can help me. my chin's name is ruby do they like or can they have choc; i had a choc bar today and then i went to talk to ruby and she went crazy over my breath and the smell on my hand she wanted some choc. can they...
  9. Degu Discussion
    Hi everyone, I'm new here and new to degus as well. My family and I aquired two young males (brothers) about 11 days ago. I have been reading as much as I can online especially about nutrition...there are some inconsistencies with the exception of sugar. Everyone seems to agree that they should...
  10. Rabbit Discussion
    Feeding Your Rabbit Correctly by Nancy J. LaRoche Copyright 2001 - All Rights Reserved (May be copied for free distribution) As the House Rabbit Society continues to collect data, and to enlist the interest of veterinarians in their beloved companions, we are learning more and more about...
  11. Memorials
    Our year has started out terribly. As I was handing out shredded wheat to the chillas, I found one of the "babies" passed away. I am at a loss and am completely devastated. We moved into this house in 2003, and almost every year since we've lost a pet. That year, we lost a kit. In 2004 we lost...
  12. Memorials
    Kasey the prarie dog went to the rainbow bridge tonight. She was 7 years old. Good bye my little friend. You weren't the most cuddly prairie dog but I know you loved to be scratched on the head while eating your treats and would Yahoo to me every morning. You were loved and will be missed. :(...
  13. Degu Discussion
    I went to a small petstore near me and found that they had the Sunseed food for Chinchillas. Since I can't find and Degu or Guinea Pig food without sugar, I was wondering if it would be ok just to give them this. Also, what else would I be able to give them in addition to their normal food?:gab:
  14. Degu Discussion
    hey im new to this site an new degu owner just a couple of questions i would love to know answers to one is it true you can only used bottled mineral water for drinking two one of my degus came with no hair on his tail wich is endearing as well as a handy way of telling them apart will this grow...
  15. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    :confused: Hi, everyone I'm a little new to this and I was just wondering.... I have had her for a few months now and I cant pick her up with out her peeing on me a little bit but this doesnt happen for a few mins, like she'll be on my soulder and I'll smell something and she peed on me not alot...
  16. Degu Discussion
    I know carrots are considered a "sweet" vegetable, and have 2g of sugar for a serving (14 baby carrots I think) I guess I have a couple questions. How much sugar is too much? Can I give them whole grain oatmeal (and I mean a few flakes) w/ 1g of sugar? How often are these to be given. I guess...
  17. Rabbit Discussion
  18. Degu Discussion
    Hello, I am new to this site. My name is Heather and I am from Niagara Falls, Canada. I have a degu, his name is Fez. I actually bought him from a pet store about 2 years ago. He was just a baby then, he is definately full grown now!! Just a few questions if anyone can help. Although I have had...
  19. PT Games
    This game is fairly easy, what you have to do is name 5, and then post your own for someone else to name 5 of, and so on.. For example.... Name 5 breeds of dog.. Corgi King charles spaniel German Shepherd Yorkshire terrior Pit Bull So to start off.. Name 5 items of clothing..
1-20 of 119 Results