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  1. Rabbit Discussion
    How many square feet does two rabbits need? One is a mini Rex and the other is a mini Rex/ mini lop mix. And how tall does it need to be? I'm going to be building a cage and need to know how big to make it. Thanks!!!
  2. Guinea Pig Discussion
    I have one guinea pig, Meredith, and she sleeps in the garage in a cage about 1 foot long and 2 feet wide. She is fairly big, hence her nickname: Chubbles :P , and so do you guys think this is too small a home for her? She spends most of the days in a big cage outside on the grass and goes in...
  3. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    So im really considering on getting a rat but im afraid my old guinea pig cage (40"x20" inches) im afraid they will crawl through the bars theres a pretty wide gap. i have a 10 gallon fish tank. or a 12x12 inch bird cage thing. what is an appropriate size cage for 2 rats?
  4. Dogs
    Hey, I just wanted to get other people's opinions on my new puppy. Her mom was a white bulldog mix and dad unknown. First pic is at 10 weeks. Second and third pics are 12 weeks and weighed at about 10lbs. People at animal shelter said possible boxer/border collie mix, maybe even some chihuahua...
1-4 of 4 Results