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  1. Hooved Animal Discussion
    I'm concerned about tea cup pigs. They are extremely cute and extremely small. I wonder if that those qualities effect the current projection of pig evolution.
  2. Degu Discussion
    My two year old degu boy has never weighed much, and he's not very big in overall size either. By recently I've stopped pampering him so much and I haven't been giving him as much treats. Since this has happened through, his weight has dropped, he's only around 182 grams as of late. The heaviest...
  3. Cats
    I am offering cat sitting for christmas and i just recieved an email today from someone for 2 4 week old kittens. I have no idea what to say besides they should stay with their mama but i think she just wants to get rid of them. They are both female which is good since i have only female cats...
  4. Chinchilla Discussion
    My Chinchilla Greyson has malocclusion. Late August he had his teeth filed down again. He improved very well, and constantly eats. The last week though ive noticed very small droppings in the cage (finally figured out its not the other chin in the cage - its Greyson). Greysons "belly" has been...
  5. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    My winter white dwarf hamster, Prima, has been having unusually dry poop on & off lately. Today, it's not dry & the consistancy is normal, but it's abnormally small. She's acting fine, but what does this mean? Should I be worried?
  6. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Oreo, my new friend. Please welcome my new friend Oreo. Shes a small black and white, fancy mouse. My great aunts, sons, girl-friend was moving out of their apartment and when my cousin came back, Oreo was all that was left. He dumped it on my Aunt. I came to visit a couple weeks later and feel...
  7. Dogs
    We wont be getting one any time soon. We might in about 2 or so years. I have plenty of doggy experience with tons of different breeds and his parents have owned Chihuahua's his whole life. Yep he wants a Chihuahua :D. However I wanted to get a rescue for him but he is telling me he wants a pure...
1-7 of 7 Results