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  1. Aquatic Discussion
    I have 6 platys (5 girls and 1 male) and I just noticed these tiny snails are like everywhere. Its not horrible bad yet but I did some research and it says they can overpopulate a tank real fast. Now I don't want anything that will harm my platys. I adore them so much. I was told by a friend an...
  2. Aquatic Discussion
    Does anyone agree that snails are the best??? I like to find them under rocks. I'm 15 and luv snails? Ya i know weird.
  3. Aquatic Discussion
    This is N0T a snail problem,it's more like a lack of snail problem... my last snail died awhile ago,& I normally ordered from a lady named peggy,& she had a site (I believe called Northern Snails...its been awhile since I ordered,her snails were that great quality!) & IMO an aquarium is not an...
  4. Other Pets
    I've been researching about them for some time but keep getting different information in different places. Some places say they need to be kept at a higher than room temperature and others say it's not necessary. Would keeping them at room temperature harm them in any way? Also what is the best...
1-4 of 4 Results