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  1. Bird Discussion
    So recently I started up a job with socializing our hearth stone's birds. They have two small, flightless black birds, a dove of some sort, 3 cockatiels, and 2 budgies. The dove is super friendly and knows how to step up but the cockatiels aren't near as friendly. They don't like to be near me...
  2. Dogs
    I got my pup, Nixie, about five and a half weeks ago. She's about seven months old now, and is a terrific, fantastic dog. She's a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix who's very bright and surprisingly mellow for such a mix of breeds. She's medium-large, weighing about 40 pounds. When I got...
  3. Dogs
    Of course most of you know that I got Killer a few months ago. Here lately he hasn't been reacting to well to strangers. He doesn't bite but I can't get him to stop barking. I have noticed lately that if I take him for a walk and he sees someone, he will bark and if they go to pet him the...
1-3 of 3 Results