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  1. Dogs
    I guess my boyfriend and his grandma were talking about Beau's terrible feet while I was showering today. The babes is telling me that she needs help keeping up with them. Beau is normally groomed every clipping and nails. However his nails are TERRIBLE. They walk up and down...
  2. Cats
    I put new soft paws on my boys today. What do you think? :D For anyone that hasn't heard of soft paws, here's their site: They are an alternative to declawing, totally harmless. Yes, I am promoting them even though I get nothing for it. I want others to know about...
  3. Cats
    Some of you may remember the thread and poll I made to choose which Soft Paws I should get. Well I ended up getting the yellow/green ones, I think I posted pics...don't remember. Anyway, I ran out a little while ago, but I didn't order any more because we were moving and I wasn't sure what our...
1-3 of 3 Results