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  1. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    I just adopted two 5 month old male spiny mice yesterday. When they arrived at my house, I noticed one had bite marks on his tail and back. His ears are also pretty chewed up, but they're healed so I'm assuming that happened quite a while ago. The person I adopted them from said they have been...
  2. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    I looked into the Spiny mouse cage and found one of my little babies dead :( He was so much smaller then his siblings. I tried to nurse him back to health but it seems in just wasn't meant to be :( R.I.P. Hyde
  3. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Well I have been trying to introduce a young spiny mouse into my male colony and he has been getting chased and picked on and he is now missing the fur on the back of the neck and I was wondering if I should house him by himself? I could also be wrong on the sex but he has no teets at all but no...
  4. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    What is the proper nutrients I should be giving both my pregnant and nursing spiny mice?
  5. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    I recently got what I THOUGHT was 2 female spiny mice (atleast thats what the breeder told me). Well last night i noticed one of my mice chasing the other and then i realized they were mating. I cannot find any info on this and I was wondering what i should do. Any and all help is welcome.
  6. General Rodent Chat
    Hey there. I'm new to this site, and I found it by searching about spiny mouse. Anyway. One of my spiny mice died this morning, and I'm rather sad about it. I loved her very much. She was so cute and friendly, even if she bite me twice. But having her for four years is good. I still have...
  7. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    So here are the baby now...growing up! Turns out they were all female...but thats good! I didn't want anymore males and was only gonna keep the "males" because they are satin...but they are female! Yay! The satins also don't have names yet,because I can't tell them apart yet.I think one may be...
  8. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    Ok well we bought a new hammie called chunk theres a thread here with pictures we have had him about 4 days now. Theres a hugee problem at the start in the petshop when i seen him the guy let me see him and i was touching him and he was fine and he was skiddish but it was expected.. and a day...
  9. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    Here he is my little NIPPER LOL still love him though hes one of the most colorful hamsters ever seen because over here we usually have the normal GOLDEN color :) hes so fat and soft ive had him for 2 days now .. does his cage look ok its the only type they sell over here and it was the biggest...
  10. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Hi ! I just came to London for work and would be really grateful if somebody could tell me where I can get so called spiny mouse. Either to buy or to adopt young animal. Unfortunately I did not find any in the pets stores. Thank you indeed.
  11. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Ok so Im going a little rodent mad, but I love the little cuties! Anyway I have a hamster, spiny mouse and now Im getting some rats! Well Valentine and scamper both live in my bedroom, they seem happy there, but would it be ok to put my rats when I get them in the same room to? (im getting my...
  12. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    On sunday Im getting an untamed spiny mouse, Im not sure if it's male or female yet, but im taking it home with me because someone gave it to her little boy for christmas, it bit him three times and they can't cope with it, they lost it behind the fridge and so when they get it out and I can...
  13. General Animal Discussion
    So... out of boredom and curiosity what your pet list. I mean what pets do you want or really like and wish you could have etc... I have a hugish list ... ha ha ha what am I talking about, I have a binder of pets i would like. These are pets I know I can get in Canada (Canadian Breeder...
  14. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    :( Well I brought home a cute hamster today! I have not introduced him yet,as he is MISSING! I brang him home and got him settled in his new home. I went out and just came home to find him gone! He must of squeezed thru the bars!!!! I cannot find him anywhere and am kind of panicking now!
  15. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Today at walmart I was in the house products when I found this humane trap. It's doesn't harm you, the mouse or any other pets. I got a few just in case my fancy mice escape I can catch them safely. Here's some pics.
  16. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Has anyone seen one of these?I've only heard the name in passing.I've never seen one in real life or even a picture.
  17. Other Exotics
    I was wondering if anyone had spiny mice and if so what are they like as pets? I have fancy mice would they be the same tameness wise?
  18. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    I just wanted to get an idea of how many mice& rats people own out there.
  19. New Member Introductions
    Hi there guys, I found this forum a few days ago and thought I'd sign up. So here's the meet 'n' greet... I'm Kat, I live in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire and I am a specialist breeder of exotic and domestic rodent species. I regularly do talks at schools and scout meeting etc to both give...
  20. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    I have been thinking about getting a spiny mouse. I want to add the mouse to my fancy mice habitat they will all be female. So can I mix both kinds of mice or should I make another habitat?
1-20 of 41 Results