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  1. Dogs
    I'm trying to figure out what my next breed of dog should -When we get the dog we will have lots of property, and woods. It needs to be a dog that won't kill a lot of wildlife and it needs to be a dog that is not prone to running of (example: Miniature Pinshcer). -It needs to be a...
  2. Dogs
    Hello! Not sure if anyone would remember me, but i used to post as Tortuga (couldn't remember my pw) Some of you might remember Holly :) Here she is as a puppy and all grown up We just got a new member of the family as well. As far as i heard. He was caged up in the back of a store that...
  3. Dogs
    I might get another puppy/dog so my lucy can have a freind and if i do get one it will be a springer spaniel (liver&white )I am so excited
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hiya all! Okay, allow me and my pets to introduce ourselves. I'm 29 years old, Scottish, and now living on the south coast of England. I've got an adorable 6 month-old hamster called Millie, who's male, but we refer to her as female! (all cute fluffy things are female, surely? :confused: )...
  5. Dogs
    I just had to post about it this year, it was so awesome! Was anyone else there? I was in the ykc team agility with my labrador Jet. What did you people think of the grop and final winners?
  6. General Animal Discussion
    Mine, I'd have to say, is the way my cats seem to act very dog like. Greeting me when I come home, following me around for attention, talking back to me when I talk to them. All things that some people think cats aren't capable of.
  7. Dogs
    Today me and a mate took our 4 dogs out for a walk. My two are used to it but her two are very nervous. Her mother pampers them too much, they never go off the lead, they only get a 10 minute walk everyday around the streets in her village, they are kept away from other dogs because they might...
1-7 of 7 Results