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  1. General Rodent Chat
    This human-friendly squirrel has been visiting me for a little over a year now. She responds to my voice, and likes to be hand fed! Luckily she also doesn't mind being photographed! Recently we had some fun with a game of tug of war; guess who won?
  2. Other Exotics
    Soon I am going to be adopting two southern flying squirrels :):):) and i would like to know where I can obtain them. I live in the south shore of Massachusetts. Officially, the law states that flying squirrels are legal as pets here if they are bought out of state. this includes services which...
  3. Other Exotics
    Hello flyers-owners! I am planning to adopt two flyers soon:D:D and I was wondering what I can use to make a cage. I already know the basics- 1/2 inch horizontal bars, 3x3x as-high-as-i-can-build feet, multiple platforms without stairs, no PVC, etc etc. However, I have no idea what building...
  4. Other Exotics
    Hey! I am hoping to raise foxes in the future (and maybe other exotic animals such as squirrels and wolves and exotic reptiles) I'm looking for as much information on raising them as I possibly can. I've already gotten a lot of info from a website called ThePetFox but I am missing a few crucial...
  5. Other Exotics
    Ok so im considering wait not wanting a baby squirrel really bad and i was wondering which would be better a squirrel or sugar glider and why. Also if anyone knows a breeder in FL please let me know.
  6. Other Exotics
    do anyone have richardson ground squirrels? i have 2 but i dont know anyone else who have them so if you do please post here i wuld like to hear about them :D
1-6 of 6 Results