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  1. General Rodent Chat
    This human-friendly squirrel has been visiting me for a little over a year now. She responds to my voice, and likes to be hand fed! Luckily she also doesn't mind being photographed! Recently we had some fun with a game of tug of war; guess who won?
  2. Other Exotics
    Soon I am going to be adopting two southern flying squirrels :):):) and i would like to know where I can obtain them. I live in the south shore of Massachusetts. Officially, the law states that flying squirrels are legal as pets here if they are bought out of state. this includes services which...
  3. Sugar Glider Discussion
    I have a gorgeous little female southern flying squirrel, I just got her about 2 months ago, bonding still isn't complete due to my own fault (and my school work), but it'll happen..:rolleyes: So, I feel like she's gettting a little bored at night, she has a wheel and a little hammock, but I...
  4. Animals in the Wild
    I read a news article that the oak trees in Virginia and surrounding areas produced very few (if any) acorns this year. It reports that many squirrels are malnourished and starving looking for other things to eat. I want to help by putting out some food for the squirrels in my neighborhood...
1-4 of 4 Results