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  1. General Animal Discussion
    I am looking for volunteers interested in sharing inspirational stories about their pets, animals, healers, heroes, & friends. I am searching for a variety of experiences that provide insight into the ways animals enrich human lives. My BlOG focuses on inspiring humanity towards a world...
  2. Hedgehog Discussion
    I got a new home for my Albino hedgie Ron Jeremy. It's one of those wire dog kennels. My boyfriend and I were planning on remodeling it by taking the separater the kennel came with and making it a second story. Then we were going to line the inside with window screening. We had just begun the...
  3. Dogs
    My name is Chris Marchand. I am an associate producer for Powderhouse Productions. We produce the weekly series for Animal Planet called DOGS 101. I am currently looking for some awesome Toy Fox Terrier stories and I'm hoping that some in this group can help. If you have any stories please...
1-3 of 4 Results