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  1. Cats
    Well we brought Sumaii back to the shelter today, and she is scheduled to be fixed at 9:00 tomorrow. I've been really missing her and I just keep waiting to hear her little bell on her collar ringing. She was such a part of the family that even the dogs were looking for her. I want my kitty.:(
  2. Cats
    Sumaii going to get free run of the first floor today!!!!!! We're going to start letting her out more without supervision (mostly on the weekends) so she's not always cramped up in a cage. She's still going to be sleeping in her cage though, and we just hope she knows where it is so she'll use...
  3. Cats
    This thread will only be covering Sumaii,if you have not already read Kaede passed away today August 21st 2008 and I will no longer be posting in the other thread entitled 'Sumaii and Kaede'.Please do not talk about her here for reasons I would like to keep to myself and reasons that should be...
  4. General Animal Discussion
    Awww Kibbles loves the kittens And Kiwi likes to smell their butts
  5. Cats
    Well as you all know I have had my foster kittens for 5 days now and I just want to make sure I'm doing everything right. (1)Litter Box - we bought a small little box for them, but big enough that they can both go and have room to move if you get what I mean.Right now we're using 'yesterdays...
1-5 of 5 Results