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  1. Dogs
    As we all know, people like to play with water in summer, like spending vacations on beach, diving and so on. So what about your dogs? Taking them to beach with you?
  2. Dogs
    The heat is on! And people are exploring ways to cool and somehow reduce the heat around. Most will head off to the beach to cool down, others would strip off into less clothes and body coverings and enjoyed showing off their skin for a tone. While some enjoy trimming off hair on their heads...
  3. General Animal Discussion
    Hello everyone! It's warming up a bit here in California, and we live close to the coast, so many homes don't have AC. Anyone have suggestions for how to keep pets cool in this heat? I've been freezing cups and putting them in our bunnies cage to keep her cool, and have a small desk fan for...
  4. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    hey i was worried earlier about my rats not getting enough water or being to hot. well i came up with an awesome way to keep them cool, give them a snack, and give them some mental stimulation at the same time. all i did was takes ice trays and fill them up with water then add peas, peanuts...
  5. Dogs
    this is my pup Pongo, He's a mix of Dashound(SP) we think some lab (check his face hehe) and my friend said he's got some cookies n' cream in there LOL. Enjoy the photos :D
1-5 of 5 Results