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  1. Degu Discussion
    Hey everyone. I've had a brand new pair of degus for about a month or so now, they're named Ham and Cheese, and I've been reading a lot of things on them to make sure I can take care of them like they need to be taken care of. And what I've found said that salt is very bad for their diet but...
  2. Degu Discussion
    I went to a small petstore near me and found that they had the Sunseed food for Chinchillas. Since I can't find and Degu or Guinea Pig food without sugar, I was wondering if it would be ok just to give them this. Also, what else would I be able to give them in addition to their normal food?:gab:
  3. Degu Discussion
    As most of you know i run my own degu website and i'm trying to get together a list of foods that are available worldwide that are suitable for degus so people have a quick and easy resource that they can look at and double check a food is safe (i.e contains no sugar or mollasses) or look for...
  4. Degu Discussion
    I meant to post this months ago :lol:. Oops. There is a new degu food available in the US! And this one is actually really great :D. It's called Sun Seed Sunscription Vita Degu Formula and I found it at the local exotics petstore. The manager says its really's actually not on the Sun...
1-4 of 4 Results