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  1. Dogs
    Well I go to the gas station to get a coffee every morning, on the way to the field wher eI let Sydney roll and play. Well the clerk told Sydney to come up onto the counter with his two front feet. Usually I say no don't do that, so Sydney didn't do it, till I told him it was ok. I know it...
  2. Dogs
    Sydney in his bed doesn't he look snug as a bug in a rug? Sydney being a ham Sydney in "His" chair, sorry that it's soblurry.
  3. Dogs
    Last night I w ent to bible study and forgot to close the top of Chewy's (my cockatoo) cage. He never (usually) comes out when I am not home. So I didn 't worry bout it. Well low and behold he was out when I got home. I had turned on the light looked over at Chewy's cage and he was gone. Well I...
1-3 of 3 Results