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  1. Amphibians
    :worry: Greetings all! I need help, or rather our frogs need your help. We have had 2 ADFs for a little over a year in a one gallon plastic fish bowl - no filter, no air bubbles. When I used our well water, I would have to remove the frogs, thoroughly clean the tank, and replace the...
  2. Aquatic Discussion
    Okay, so I've been having serious guppy issues. Luckily I've been keeping notes as I do water changes and such, though I've seemed to lose interest in proper note keeping. So here's what I have, though the exact dates may be off. I started my fish tank on 10/10/07. I bought 2 fish that passed...
  3. Aquatic Discussion
    I have a 3 month old freshwater tank. It's a 9 gallon biube, planted tank with 7 guppies. I noticed a small snail on the log one day about 2 months ago, but I never saw it again so I figured something had killed it. The other day, however, I saw about 40 little snails crawling EVERYWHERE! I...
  4. Bird Discussion
    Does it make any difference what water you give a bird? I've heard some say buy a bottle of distilled and other say to just give them tap water and if you have a water softner give them bottled.
  5. Degu Discussion
    hey im new to this site an new degu owner just a couple of questions i would love to know answers to one is it true you can only used bottled mineral water for drinking two one of my degus came with no hair on his tail wich is endearing as well as a handy way of telling them apart will this grow...
  6. New Member Introductions
    hey just signed up am rae just brought two new degus-dali & houdini i already own two piggies jeff & sweetpig an 4 gerbs podgywatkins,blackjack,andrew ridgley george michael so hey to everyone could really do we gettin some answers other goosx rae:D
  7. Aquatic Discussion
    Cycling A Freshwater Aquarium Here's a common scenario: Someone buys a new tank and goes out the next day and buys fish. They die within weeks and the person assumes they just "aren't good with fish" and gives up. It doesn't have to be that way. The reason those fish probably died was because...
  8. Aquatic Discussion
    what makes german blue ram cichlids a difficult fish to take care off opposed to other cichlids such as the golden ram?
  9. Aquatic Discussion
    The main reason I wanted to put this post up is because I am not entirely sure if my girl actually has ich or not..but I am thinking it might be. I notice my girl had a big white looking spot on her head which I can't really tell if is ich or not since whenever she got close to me and I got a...
  10. The Water Cooler
    ..... ..... I just burnt my arm rather bad. I was getting my breakfast out of the oven, and I smashed my forarm on the door. The burn is only about the size of a softball, but omg it hurts REALLY bad and its blistering. im sad.
  11. Aquatic Discussion
    so i've had this 10 gal up and running for 24 hours now. 2 plastic plants, 2 big rocks with holes in them, one anchored driftwood piece. the water has slowly gotten cloudier. it's not opaque or anything, but it's foggy looking. 1. what's caused it.....2. do i have to fix it....3. how do i fix it??
  12. Memorials
    = .^ ~ ^. = I just lost my second roach this morning , my mother and I watched him just fade away anmd sink after no apparent ilness. I done a water test and I have to say I am shocked at the results , I wont go into it but I have started water changes , I am starting to wonder wether using...
  13. Aquatic Discussion
    I bought a 2 gallon tank at Christmastime because I wanted to have a beta at my office. The tank came with an "undergravel filter" (turned out to be just a tube with an airstone in it that pushed stuff underneath a platic panel at the bottom). I purchased an appropriate size heater to add to...
  14. Aquatic Discussion
    Hi, iv got a 29 Gal saltwater tank with 2 three striped damsels in far. THey are doing great! The tank seems to be staying very stable except for one thing.. the brown algae! Its out of control! I got 6 snails to help clean it up..they did okay but whats causing the brown algae to grow...
  15. The Water Cooler
    Ok so normally I'm a pretty good eater, not by choice either! Just I try to keep myself in check! So I'm used to eating salads and veggies, I know that broccili kills me, or a few othwr things! So that said-Last Wednesday I got MAJOR cramps, my stomach blew up, and then the cramps moved into...
  16. Aquatic Discussion
    So I got a tank, and set it up on sunday. And the PH is still not 7.0? Any suggestions?
  17. General Animal Discussion
    So the zoo has Millipedes, and one day we found these tiny white bugs in their tank. Some volunteer said they might be babies, so they were not taken out. I on the other hand am not sure that they are. So I took some pictures to ask you guys!! WHAT ARE THESE!!?? as you can see, they are...
  18. Aquatic Discussion
    We've decided to set up our 29gal, because well waiting till after we move could be forever.. theres like nothing to rent around here that allows pets :( So we decided if we do move, we'll just deal with moving it.. so we did the easy part, we set it up, filled it, played with the bubbles...
  19. The Water Cooler
    Anyone have one? I saw one on freecycle and emailed the lady about getting it. I am wanting more plants for my house. :) I read a little about them, but was just wondering if anyone has any good information. Does anyone know if they are toxic to cats and dogs?
  20. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    My 2 rats Rocky(mine) and Bo(my sisters) are both dehidrated I think Because I noticed that there water was gone and I couldnt remember when the last time I changed it (not good) So I gave Rocky a pinch on the neck and his skin went down slowly:( I Gave them their water and they didn't DRINK...
1-20 of 63 Results