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  1. Chinchilla Discussion
    Hello my 9 yr old chinnie named Chico is sick and I'm unsure what to do for him and I need your advice. He wont eat and is loosing fur and my husband took him to the vet and she said it is that his bottem molar roots are growing down and thats whats causing the drooling. As of now I'm unsure on...
  2. Degu Discussion
    Dear all. My olders degu has for the last week touched his teeth constantly (looks like he`s itching in his nose/teeth). When I got a better look today, it looks as the two front teeth are a bit dark brown in the middle. I think he has lost some weight too. He was on a check up at the vets a...
  3. Chinchilla Discussion
    i am so confused, my chinchilla is 6 yrs old, she has stopped eating for 4 days at least now, i have taken her to the vets she has had her front and back teeth clipped, but she is still only eating grapes and not much of them, please someone help. i have already lost her sister and i cant take...
1-3 of 3 Results