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  1. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Hey guys I'm looking for some baby ratties in the Nashville area. Please Help! Jason
  2. Lost Animals
    LOST "Igor" the Russian Tortoise Last seen: Thursday, July 19, 2012 Devonshire Cove, Germantown TN REWARD The Wests (901) 435-6433
  3. Degu Discussion
    Hi, My name is Shaina. I'm looking for a female Degu in or around Lafayette, Tennessee! My best friend is giving me a female Degu, and I dont want her to be alone! I'm new to the Degu world, but I have done EXTENSIVE research on Degus!! Please get back to me ASAP...
  4. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    If you are or know of a Rat Breeder in the Nashville or middle, tn area Please email me at [email protected] Thanks!
  5. Safe Havens
    Hello! I just thought I would introduce myself. I have run the Chillin' Chinchillas rescue for the past 3 years. We recently relocated to the Memphis area of Tennessee. My animal level varies throughout the year. In early October, I had roughly 20 chins. We have been very fortunate in finding...
  6. Safe Havens
    Some of you know that I just recently lost one of my rescued dogs named Cosby and now I am looking for another dog. I have a pretty crazy life but when I am home and feeding all my animals I need a companion to stay by my side. My dog, Cosby, was always like that and he was always there for me...
  7. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Hi I am wanting to buy 2 or 3 pet rats. But I dont want to buy from my Local Pet Shop nor do I want to Buy them from PetCo. Can Anyone Help?
1-7 of 7 Results