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  1. Aquatic Discussion
    I have a 10 gallon tank that I want to start a new "community" in. What should I get? Should I go the tropical route and get a heater and some tropical fish? Or should I just get a betta and some goldfish? Are bettas ok with goldfish? If so, why are they always sold in stores alone in...
  2. MOTW Archives
    This week's member of the week is masterjack!! Posts: 1293 Reputation: 53 Age: 41 Posts most in: Guinea Pig Discussion Feel free to ask Laurie some questions to allow us to get to know her better!
  3. General Animal Discussion
    :Hello: I'm doing a poll for the heck of it and I want to see how many animals do people own . :Rabbit2: :wink2:
  4. New Member Introductions
    Just wanted to say HI!!!! Hi everyone! :jump: This sounds like me: :lurk:
  5. New Member Introductions
    Um... Howdy! (He said after eleven or so postings) <!--// note to self: read etiquette book, pick up some social skills //--> I'm Papa, i live in Carson City, NV, along with my wife, new puppy, four cats that i'll own up to and one cat that lives under the porch, all of whom i suspect you'll...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hello, my name is Rachel and I have lots of pets. [Everybody claps]...sorry, felt like I was part of the AA. Anyway....Yea, I have LOTS of pets...I'll list 'em... 14 Mice 2 Cats 1 Dog 15 Tropical Fish 2 Gold Fish 1 Hamster and 1 Rabbit! YAY...i luvs 'em! :) Anyway, I'm just here to say HI....
  7. General Animal Discussion
    RSPCA: 'Please Don't Find Your Own Nemo' by ANC Staff and RSPCA Britain's RSPCA is urging fans of the recent Disney movie 'Finding Nemo', which tells the story of a young clown anemonefish taken from the wild, not to follow the US trend and buy a clown fish as a pet. 'Finding Nemo', released...
  8. General Animal Discussion
    UNDERSEA AT CONCH REEF (Reuters) - On the ocean floor off the Florida Keys, one of the world's foremost science labs sits at the frontier of marine biology, crusted with critters, nibbled by fish, scoured by the shifting sea. Touted as the only active undersea laboratory and habitat on the...
  9. General Animal Discussion
    TEQUESTA, Fla. (AP) -- An artificial reef created to improve marine life is attracting bull sharks to the water off Coral Cove Park, forcing officials to close the beaches almost daily. "These sharks are territorial," said lifeguard Rick Moore. "What's happened is you have an accumulation of...
  10. General Animal Discussion
    I was doing so good! I got all 10 of the chins I currently have in less than a year, but it's been well over a year since then. I ruined the streak with the chameleon though :lol: *Oops, I forgot about Scrappy, we've only had her for 6 months. I guess I wasn't doing as well as I thought :lol...
  11. Aquatic Discussion
    Well as some of you know, this past weekend was my birthday. I took some of the money I got and bought a small aquarium! :) It's only a 5 gallon, as I don't have a lot of room but I'm happy! We had a 55 gallon tank in Ohio and I MISSED my fish! I could just sit and stare at them forever and...
  12. Aquatic Discussion
    Handbook of Fish Diseases Manual of Fish Health Tropical Fishlopaedia: A Complete Guide to Fish Care
  13. Aquatic Discussion
    Biologic Cycling of the New Tank Now, that the tank looks set up, you’re only half way home. Now, you’vegot to get the water and the filters ready for the fish. Not only do the filters remove visible debris from the water; they also remove the poisonous chemicals from the water. The charcoal in...
81-93 of 95 Results