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  1. Animal Welfare & Legal Issues
    Dear all, as a pet lover I feel I have to share with you this outrageous news. In my home country, Malaysia, a pet boarding center known as Petknode, took in over 500 cats during one of our festive holiday season last year. To the surprise of many people, the cats were neglected because the...
  2. Rabbit Discussion
    I absolutely loved a book called Bad Hare Days that I read recently. It's written by a man who dedicated most of his life to fighting for the protection hares and rabbits from a cruel activity in Ireland called "hare coursing". I AM anti-cruelty of any kind so I'm not claiming to be a casual...
  3. Animal Welfare & Legal Issues
    Hello everyone, we desperately need your help. I want to ask you if you will spare 5 minutes of your time to help the animal situation here on the island of Crete in Greece. I have personal experiences which I could well have done without but wanted to know how big this problem is and I...
1-3 of 3 Results