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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hello my name is lisa I have just joined this forum and I am looking forwar to chatting with you all. I have 11 guinea pigs, 1 west highland white terrier, 1 hamster, 2 cats and 2 fish and I am a married mum of 3. Look forward to getting to know you all:) Lisa
  2. Dogs
    What kind of dogs do your friends and Neighbors & Family have? Friends.... My friend Mariah has a tri-color Aussie pup named Kinzi. My friend Alex has a black lab named Meggey Mae, a yellow lab x german shepherd named Steel and a black lab named Bubba. My friend Sarah has a brown nose pit...
  3. Dogs
    Last week I started my new job at Karnik Pet Lodge. They offer boarding for cats and dogs, as well as group doggie daycare. Its hard, sometimes dirty work, but I really enjoy caring for the dogs (the cattery duty is usually up to the managers). Anyways, today I finally brought in my camera and...
  4. Dogs
    My son is considering adopting a Jack Russel puppy or even a Jack Russel Mix from Rescue if he can find one. We are wondering if anyone has one in thier family and can give us information regarding personality and temperment. Particularly around small children. I have always heard they were...
  5. Dogs
    Here are dogs in KY for adoption: ROCKY~ Boxer,Labrador Retriever Mix PUPPY ALEXIS~ Pit Bull Terrier Mix HONEY~ Chow Chow Mix...
  6. Dogs
    How about everyone counts how many of their neighbors have dogs? I'll start: One neighbor has two Labs, and a Husky, another one has a Chocolate Lab, Across the street theres a West Highland White Terrier, and more Labs. :D
1-7 of 7 Results