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  1. New Member Introductions
    Just thought id post a little hello as im new to these forums :D So yeah my names Hana I have a grey and white cat called Tomtom whose 13 years young!, 2 fake map turtles called nemo and squirt that are about a year old and 2 roborovskiis, Kuromi and Kiwi who are 4 months old. Plus dozens of...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Just joined today, with the approval of my critters, and wanted to say hello.:wink2: All of my "kids" are rescues except for Dolly and Polar Bear. Don't know what else to say.
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi I'm Jo-Ann from PA. I have been with my hubby for 27 years. I've had my share of lovable pets. I've had Chinchillas which sadly I am allergic to, so they had to go to new homes. We even rescued a family and witnessed the birth of 2 babies. I had an all white kitty with a blue eye and a yellow...
  4. Cats
    Just thought I'd post some photos of our new kitten, Jupiter. He was 3 months old in these photos which were taken the day before we adopted him at his foster carer's house. He had ringworm on his nose, tail and ears, a really bad case of fleas, was just getting over cat flu and had a dodgy...
  5. The Water Cooler
    The White One is PT's POTM! :)
  6. General Animal Discussion
    hey guys. my dad found old pictures of the pets i grew up with. the pics were taken in 1993 christmas morning. the rottweiler is roxanne. she's crossed with a bit of german sheppard, and she was the runt of her litter. you've hear me speak of her before. we got her by taking her from an abusive...
  7. Cats
    My princess Zippy Pumpkin my super kitty Zippy Pumpkin and one more of Zippy
  8. New Member Introductions
    Hi all!:) My name is Sarah, im from Florida, USA. I'm married with a wonderful 6 month old daughter, Daliah. I have owned many pets in the past, ferrets, rabbits, hampsters, birds (cockateils and parakeets), dogs. I've also taken care of my grandma's king snake. I've also had Vet Assistant...
  9. The Water Cooler Post your comments here!
  10. The Water Cooler
    :woohoo: YAY!! I just ordered off eBay a LOVELY Chi headband, from Chobits...I am SO excited...I was looking at all sorts of stuff, Japanese Arm/Leg Warmers, cute animal hats...I am going into such a kawaii!! Maybe I will get the Dark Chi costume... I am so ecstatic, they are uber cute and...
  11. Cats
    is ANNOYING!! No offense to anyone who has one, this was just my experience this morning ... my job has started to open at 7am, so of course all weekend i had to be at work at 7am.. today im off and wanted to sleep in... woke up at 7:30 to use the bathroom (kids layin RIGHT on the bladder), go...
  12. Cats
    Some cats just won't die... lol jk A couple of family friends of mine have a cat that's now 24 and kicking. The funny part is, she wasn't supposed to make it to 6 months, according to the vet that checked her out the first time. She's a very errrr, INTERESTING cat. Lots of character (used to...
  13. Cats
    About a week ago or something, I had a woman come into my work to fill up. Well we have cameras that point at all the gas pumps, when the camera on her car flashed by I saw a really beautiful all white cat in the car. I grinned and said to her, "So do you take your cat with you everywhere??" she...
  14. Cats
    This guy was crying in the edge of the woods this morning- hungry and cold. I am guessing he is about 12weeks old. He has definitely been around people and dogs, but his fur is quite wiry, making me think he's not had the best nutrition, even if he is a pretty good weight and healthy otherwise...
  15. Cats
    We got a new TV today and of course that meant the box becomes an instant cat playhouse. Here are some pics of Napoleon and The White One having fun :) Napoleon attacked The White One's tail right after this pic. :) (more in a sec)
  16. New Member Introductions
    Hi. My name is Maria, I am a 20 year old College student, and a new bunny owner. I got my bunny Oreo from my fiance' and his mom for Easter. My bunny Oreo is the best thing to ever come into my life...she is so special to me, and makes me very happy. She is a one of a kind bun bun with her own...
  17. Cats
    i just got a kitten, his name is oscar hes all white with orange tabby tips or points or w/e theyre called..... will be posting pics as soon as i find the camera:P
  18. Memorials
    Our tribute to our beloved little puss: HALO Such a short life you had, but you filled it every day with your loving, cheeky ways. You came into our hearts and there you will remain. You weren't called Halo because you are an angel, but you are with them now. Rest In Peace little one We miss...
  19. General Animal Discussion
    I was just curious as to how we all decide on names for our furry, or not so furry, friends. My cat Isis is named after the cat goddess, and Polly just seemed to suit my other cat. I also used to have a kitty called fletcher one eye, because he got an eye infection when he was a baby and...
  20. Cats
    Here's a couple of pics of my little man. :D This is how he sleeps all the time: Hope you like them! :)
1-20 of 70 Results