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  1. Other Exotics
    Hi all I'm Mike, a self confessed animal nut! I recently jumped in and joined up this great forum - really impressed so far! Look forward to meeting you all! I'm based in the UK. I share my life with chinchilla, degu, a beardie, cats and bunnies - they certainly keep me busy! I'm planning to...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Our AnimalFamily consists of MANY animals. Our beloved Payne -the family dog, Littleman - our treasured kitty cat, and several chickens and goats. It's literally like a zoo around here at times, and we love it! I look forward to making some new friends here. It's a very nice looking forum...
  3. Animals in Need
    Hello everyone! Yesterday I was surfing the internet and facebook when I saw alot of shares for this Mali, a elephant. Mali was separated from her mother at the age of 3 and was being kept in a rundown environment for 35 years already! She needs a better life and I feel she deserved better. Do...
  4. Turtles & Tortoises
    At the zoo...
  5. JOB

    Other Exotics
    Hello, I am interested in jobs dealing with exotic animals. I am wondering if anyone knows of any facilities that would fall along these lines whether be caregiver, handler, trainer, rehabilitation (no experience with this but willing to learn), educational talks or anything along these lines...
  6. Animal Welfare & Legal Issues
    do you think it's alright to have zoos? why or why not?
1-6 of 6 Results