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• Swap parties: Popular in Europe are swishing parties,burberry outlet. Attendees&#8217,burberry outlet; bring a quality item of clothing and items are swapped. Great way to have a get together and get rid of some old clothing,coach outlet sale. Have a swishing party for a teen’s birthday for something unique.
• Reuse: Check your closets for old items that can be remodeled into something new. Make a grocery tote bag out of an old pair of jeans or a new purse.
• Tag sales/garage sales are a great place to buy used clothing. It’s not uncommon to find designer clothing items,gucci outlet, labels included, for as little as twenty five cents.
These are only a few of the ideas for recycling clothing. Getting over the mentality of having to have the latest fashion may take some doing, but the rewards to your pocketbook and the environment are great. Getting children to buy into this concept is difficult. Spend a Saturday with them going to garage sales and make a game of trying to buy an entire wardrobe for fewer than two dollars. Spend the money you saved to treat them to a movie,burberry outlet.
Couple recycling with the use of detergents that extend the life of clothing,polo outlet, use of natural products for cleaning, purchasing more durable eco-friendly fabrics and you have a winning combination for your family budget and the environment.
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