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1 year old Beagle recovering from Parvo

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Hi, I have a 1 year old beagle named Baby and 4 days ago we found out that she had Parvo. It was a really scary thing, I personally freaked out when she started pooping blood and wouldn't eat I thought she was gonna die. Luckily we got her to the vet and they gave us some antibiotics and told me to give her pedialyte and pepto. She seems to have gotten better now, she's eating again, although she won't eat her dog food. She's never been an active dog since we adopted her but today she has just been laying underneath one of the tables ALL DAY. This is her favorite spot to lay but I'm worried that maybe she's still not feeling well and I can't afford to take her to the vet until Friday. Can someone give me some advice on if they think anythings wrong with her or not because I'm not real sure what to do.
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Parvo is serious illness, it takes all their energy and not many survive. Normally if a vet treats it they treat with 24 hour care and lots and lots of iv fluids.

keep pumping her with fluids, she needs as much as she can get.
One of the reasons so many young puppies die a quick death is that there is so little dog to resist. A full grown Beagle has a much better chance. I would continue the vet's plan and hope for the best.
Even the dogs that survive parvo can still have effects from it for the rest of their lives. My dog never fully recovered and even years later still had a different personality and demeanor. She may never be the same again. But I am no expert by any means.
My dog Muffin had parvo at 6 months, she's 10 months now, and after a stay at the vet and much arguing with the vet we took her home and gave her fluids (for about 3 days) and antibiotics ourselves. We gave her an IV drip every 12 hours though. She was too far into the dehydration to drink or eat on her own.
If I were you I would just watch her pretty closely and give her lots of love and affection. Make sure she is drinking water and having her antibiotics, because the main thing that kills dogs with parvo is the dehydration and secondary infection. It will take awhile, but she should get better. Muffin bounced right back, but not all dogs are the same.
Ha. I just realized this was posted a month ago. I hope she is better!
I hope your dog is better! My brother's dog, who was a stray, has parvo. I don't think it looks good in his situation because my bro doesn't have the money needed to give him the proper care on time. But they do give him a lot of love and attention.
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