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Do you love your dog? is he a part of your home and your life. Besides, the same is true for all the members of your family. But is this love mutual? The answer is not surprisingly positive. Dogs are attached to their master, they are loyal to them. However, even when he loves their master, they can lack confidence. Rewards, caresses, games and treats do not change anything. You have to gain the trust of the dog. How do you know if your dog trusts you? Here are 10 unmistakable signs that shows your dog trust you.


1 – Your dog looks you in the eye

If your dog looks you in the eye, he trusts you. When the situation is different, dogs tend to have shifty eyes. On the other hand, his gaze must be soft. You should know that between dogs, looking into each other’s eyes is a sign of domination. This can lead to tension and aggression. To avoid eye contact, which is often associated with a threat, canines get to know each other by sniffing sideways. If your dog looks you in the eye without aggression, it means that you do not represent any danger to him.

2 – Your dog is relaxed
A dog that trusts its master is a relaxed dog. The absence of stress is also visible! Your dog is happy, he wags his tail and he is not worried at the slightest noise or sudden gesture on your part. If your dog is tense, his attitude is different. He has a clenched jaw, he yawns a lot, he licks his lips, he has his tail between his hind legs… In this case, you have to learn how to reduce your dog’s stress.

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