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2 cats to new home with existing cat

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My boyfriend and I are planning to move in together. He has one male cate (he's 17 but pretty much a spring chicken) and I have two cats (boy is 7 and girl is 3). Mine get along great but we're worried about introducing all three of them. My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years so they all know each others smells but I am not naive enough to think that will make it all okay.

I am moving into his house, which is much larger than what my cats and I are in now but the layout is pretty much two large rooms, one on each floor, so there are limited options for sequestering. I was thinking about maybe putting my cats in crates to start? Though I'm not sure if that is a good idea; I'd love any introduction suggestions!!!
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What is usually suggested when introducing cats is to keep the new comer in a separate room (if possible) for a few weeks. After the first week switch the beds or blankets of the cats so they will know the smell.

When you start to introduce them only do short sessions and look for any signs of aggression etc... and slowly make the sessions longer.
Thanks for the suggestion but the main problem is that there is not a room to sequester the new cats in so that we can gradually intorduce them.
True... a kennel would not really work in less you could confine the present cat somehow so the other two could get free roam. You would also need a large kennel to be able to have the little box and food, bedding and toys.

Is there a good sized bathroom?
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