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2 Guinea Pigs and 2 Rabbits, Mississauga, Help

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I am doing this for a long time friend. Her youngest son (17 months old) has had pneumonia and croup for 10 weeks now, they keep going in and out of the hospital, and the pediatrician has ordered she find new homes for their 2 rabbits and 2 guinea pigs. The pets aren't new, but her little guy is so sick and not getting better, pneumonia went into his other lung, asthma, etc. She is in Mississauga. Her hands are full with him and his medications, so I'm hoping I can help her by doing this. I'm in Ottawa, but I will coordinate with her on the phone any pet pick ups that happen. She loves these critters and is worried they'll become snake food, so I told her I'd help weed those people out. I've always loved this place so I thought maybe I'd give it a shot.

The 2 guinea pigs are females and are caged together and must stay together. The 2 rabbits are males, not caged together, but can go to the same home.

First: Guinea Pigs "Rainy & Rainbow"
Females, about 1 year old. Very friendly even with her 4 kids, no problem being handled. Come with their cage and all accessories, extra food, bedding (an antibacterial recycled paper). It's a free standing metal cage, 2 tier, with a hay rack, food dish, water bottle, 2 plastic houses (1 for each gp).

Second: Rabbit "Baxter", male, 1 year old, lop. Also great with being handled by the kids. Comes with his cage, litter box ('maybe' litter trained), hay ball, water bottle, food bowl, extra food and bedding.

Third: Rabbit "Storm", male, 1.5 years old. Does NOT like to be picked up, at all. She says he will come up to you and rub against you like a cat, but he hates being picked up. She rescued him from outside. He comes with his cage, litter box (she says he's 100% litter trained), hay ball, water bottle, food dish, extra food and bedding. I think he also comes with an outdoor pen visible in his picture.

If anyone would like to give these critters a home, or knows of anyone who could, please let me know. Thanks guys.
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Aw, I hope they find the perfect homes. Is there a small animal rescue that can post them?? Also, maybe try posting them in a vet? I know my small animal rescue will post some pets looking for homes, and especially if the owner can "foster" them so as not to rake the rescue's resources. Good luck!
Aw, I hope they find the perfect homes. Is there a small animal rescue that can post them?? Also, maybe try posting them in a vet? I know my small animal rescue will post some pets looking for homes, and especially if the owner can "foster" them so as not to rake the rescue's resources. Good luck!
I would but I'm not there to post them. She's in Mississauga, I'm in Ottawa. The travel isn't easy so I'm helping this way since I'm good with computers etc. :)
Aw they're cute, I hope they find awesome new homes!

Are the bunnies neutered? Getting them neutered if they're not already might help make it easier to place them, since then they could probably be bonded with another bunny.
I might have a new home for the guinea pigs already. Great home, Mom was a vet tech, daughters are the same ages as my friends 2 oldest boys. I made sure there's always adult supervision and care, not just left to the kids.

My friend doesn't have time to get them neutered. She can't deal with the animals much because she can't leave her son alone (17 months, gets into everything when she walks away) and she can't have him around when the cage is cleaned. She has just enough leeway time to feed them. Their new pediatrician (as of last week) said they have to go yesterday, if you catch my drift.

The one rabbit, Baxter, is an absolute dear. He's the lop. She said she was feeding him today and he was rubbing on her hand and giving her kisses. The other rabbit, Storm, is almost like that, but can't be picked up.
See, I'm used to having bunnies I can't pick up. Acacia hates it! If I was closer and had the financial means I would take him. I have such a weak heart for animals I know nobody else will want. :( Maybe if a small animal rescue can take Storm they might have him neutered which will make him a more sociable bun?
Thanks Purple-Hops. If we have difficulty finding the rabbits new homes, I will into local animal rescue, hopefully one just for rabbits. I know she won't let them go as snake food or to the humane society, so I'm trying to do this as if it were her with plenty of time on her hands :)
The guinea pigs were successfully picked up this morning by their new family. My poor friend eh, just in tears about it. I think her cup is FULL!
Aw, I'm glad the GP's were placed. Now, for the bunnies! At least they're not bonded. Bonded pairs have such a hard time getting adopted by our rescue. They even had an "adopt a pair" month where you get the pair for the price of one... No luck. People are afraid of the commitment.
So at least Storm and Baxter have an equal chance of getting a home- even if they're not together. :)
I hope the buns find good homes. I had one reply today for the lop. A really lazy reply. I said I hoped she didn't mind but I'd promised my friend I'd ask questions. So I asked her questions, so far she hasn't replied lmao! I don't even need to write an "adoption price", they just need to be able to deal with me!
Have you considered posting on rabbit forums to see if anyone there would take them? There are a few rabbit only forums out there. There's too where I think you could make them profiles with pictures and stuff and list them as adoptable.

I'd try to market them to people who already have rabbits. Maybe you'll luck out and find someone in your area who would be willing to take them in.

Or, if you have any rabbit rescues in your area that use Petfinder or a similar online database you could ask them if they will list the bunnies on their site for you. I know a lot of rescues around here will do that, and will even try to help place them even if the rabbit's aren't actually in the shelter system.
Thanks so much for the ideas, Dragonrain! I will do that! :)
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