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I need help! Both my cats have been exhibiting unusual behavior these last few days. They are both indoor cats and have been spayed and neutered since they were kittens.
Well, the female cat, Boots (1.5 yrs), has been itching to be let out of the house. She's never done this before and it's making it impossible for me to leave the house without her bolting out before me. She'll stand by the door and meow and scratch incessantly at the door; I'll try to call her off but to no avail.
The male, Blue (~2 yrs), has started to pick fights with her, for no reason, and recently tried to.. mate with her. Boots got angry, of course.
I don't know what to do! This doesn't seem like behavior I should contact the vet about, but it's definitely weird to me. I just want a way to make them feel better..

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There is most likely a strange cat outside that has got the two of them all worked up. Either a stray passing through or someone has gotten a new cat and it letting the cat roam.

Cats are so territorial another cat outside can make them feel their territory is threatened, and it is not unusual for two cats to even turn on one another when this happens.

I suggest you install some feliway plug in diffusers around your house. That will help with territorial feelings.

Also keep an eye out for any strange cats, and if you see a stray, get a havahart trap, trap the kitty and get her/him into a shelter.
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