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6 mo pd's to meet new 6mo pd's....????

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Hi, My four PD's ( one male and three girls), live outside and I got three new
ones (all girls), yesterday. My three new ones are in a temporary cage in my
house till they can all meet and to get to know us. Today I took the temp cage
with the three new pd's and set it outside in the enclosure so all the pd's
could smell and see each other. Things seemed to go fine. There was lots of ya
hoos off and on and smelling and some kissing. But, one of my females was
chittering and slapping the cage at times. She would also just sniff and look.
If she decides she does not like them when they all finally are together, will
she eventually get better or do I need to do something else to help her get
along with them? My enclosure is 16'x8' and is close to natural as you can get,
with ma:rolleyes:n made tunnels under the dirt, hidey huts, and their own pd made tunnels
as well. We are also adding another 10'x10' to it. Started it today.
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