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6 Month Birthday Photos of Maximus and Achilles

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Greetings Fellow Ratty (and mouse!) Parents,

My two boys just turned 6 months old on August 14th and sadly, I remember that one of Lilspaz's babies passed away that same day. It reminded me about that inevitable circle of life, yes? So I thought I would make some smiles and post a few new photos of my babies, taken right around the 14th.

They had plenty of num nums and kisses and happy birthday singing on their special day, but I did skip the big production of a muffin or something similar for birthday cake, as Achilles is as big as a barn. But of course I made up for it with waaay too many smaller treats for them. Of course. :rolleyes:

Now that I see the photos though, maybe my attempts at being more careful with Achilles and his treats is paying off? He does not look quite as big as he did a few weeks ago. Hmmm!

So, here are a few photos. Just so their aunties can see how they are looking at the ripe age of 6 months. Enjoy! :D

Achilles (L) and Maximus (R) during one of their daily playtimes in our bed, strolling over and under the blankets and sheets. My cuddle bubbies!! :heart:
(Look how long Achilles' fur is, and how short and sleek Maxie's fur is. Totally different.

A big yawn and forearm stretch greeting from Maximus, right across Achilles' face, ha ha. Jerry Mouse stands by. The boys enjoy lounging in their "village" playground so much, I think they spend more time there than anywhere else!

The boys enjoying their Gerber Baby Rice cereal. That is a diet food you know. Okay, it's not. :rolleyes:

A big smile and hello from Maximus. Achilles remains in his nesting lounge, hoping for more treats. :D
(Achilles had just sniffed that white ceramic plate, hoping it might have magically produced more nom noms, then sighed as he remembered it was just the boring water dish).
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Look at these sexy boys! Yes, it's always excellent to balance out the poignant with the pugnacious. I love these smile pictures. Those are invariably my favorite rat shots, it makes them look like jolly Buddhas.

Yes, chilly Achilles looks like he's slimming down. Is he still the master of the shameless beg like Custard is? She's dropped about 10 grams since I got her. That's a lot of saddle bag.

And look at Maxy. I love how you can often differentiate otherwise identical rats by their ears. Maxy has honest to goodness teddy bear ears. And my favorite thing about solid black rats is how shiny sleek they look.

Handsome boys! Big smooches! :)
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: I love them!!!! These photos are too precious. I love the one of them in the box together, and that little double dish that they have--TOO CUTE!!! They are beautiful boys. They look absolutely wonderful. Give them big hugs and kisses from me!!!! :D
Awww, thanks Story and Breyer!! I told both of the boys that their aunties send their love and smooches. The boys sent smooches right back to you. :)

Glad you liked the photos, of course! Story, I never noticed that Maximus has teddy bear ears but you are right, they are definitely more bear shaped than Achilles. That is so cute!

And I remember that Spaz said Maxie's fur would get extra soft after he got neutered and boy, his fur is soooo silky soft, it is incredible. I think my sneezing and itchy throat problems may be coming from Achilles' long fur. He seems to shed a lot, as I mentioned before and I really think my allergic symptoms are coming from him. Maybe?

To answer your question, Story, yes indeed, Achilles is a Master Beggar, big time. He does the, "I'm a starving orphan waif" look at me all the time, even if he has just eaten tons of treats. He is shameless! Ha ha. And he does still have saddlebags, like Custard. Rolls of fat. I think the photos I took flattered him a bit!

He and Max both do the same thing when I open their house to pet them and say hello. They pry my fingers apart looking for any nom noms. Of course!

Breyer, you noticed the double sided plate the boys were eating out of, isn't that the neatest? I am always on the lookout for little baby plates for their oatmeal and such, and I found that little 2 sided plate at a garage sale. It is just perfect for them. They each automatically go to one side of the dish to eat, so they always have their own section. Love it. :D

Anyhoo, it is always nice to hear that my forum buddies love my babies in the photos. It was nice to share them with you. I need to take pictures more often!
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You do need to take pictures more often!!! :D I love seeing them from a distance. :hugg2:

And seriously, that plate is too adorable. I love that they can eat side by side while each having their own little spot. (Of course, I was picturing Russ and Stan with that plate...and I think eventually Stan would have taken over Russ's side, too! hehehehehe) Great find!!! The boys are both so incredibly adorable. :heart:
Awww, thanks Breyer! I think my boys are very adorable also, of course, ha ha. :D

Yes, Marc makes jokes all the time about Achilles, our fatty boy, sort of nudging his way slyly over to Maxie's side of that dish, to "help" him with his side of the plate. Just like you said Stan would have done. Hee hee.

I clean that dish every day in the kitchen sink and I am always afraid of dropping it and having it break. I cannot believe I would ever be able to find another dish like that. :)
HEEYYY! A divider dish!! That is so cool. Thanks Story! Got to save that page (and order two or three of em). :D
Ohh what lovely lovely boys. :) Achilles is really a big solid beautiful boy and just keep up the restraint and he should bit a big solid fit beautiful boy in no time. :) Max is adorable and still has the baby look :D

Happy belated boys!! :partyhat:
Ohh, thanks so much Lilspaz!! I am glad you got a chance to see the photos!

And what ratty mother doesn't love hearing her forum buddies complimenting her babies' good looks, eh? :D

I think the photos made Achilles look a bit slimmer than he really is. When I went over to say good morning to him today, he was lounging inside a big ceramic bowl that he loves to sleep in, and my god, he filled up the bowl. He just loves his food like crazy. Yes, I am even talking about his normal Harlan Teklad blocks. Yikes. :rolleyes:

Maxie DOES still have that baby look doesn't he? He is sooo tiny next to his brother. Maximus is a little zippity doo ratty who is so hyper. He really acts more like a girl than a boy, I sometimes think. No wonder he stays slim. He burns everything off!

I am sooo glad you liked the photos and I hope it gave you a smile. :sneakyhug
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