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8 yrs old bunny is sick?

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I have 8 year old bunny. He always was a big fatty but never had serious problems except the skin fungus which we have treated fast :rolleyes:

However now I'm really worried about him.... He has lost a lot of weight, barely eats something and poops .... Today when I've let him out of his cage to the room I've noticed white foam in his toilet... :sorry:
I'm really lost and don't know what to do... Vets here are not the best, specially ones who "specializes" on rodents... If anyone had same experience please help :<<
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Could he have eaten foam? That would make him very sick. Also most rabbit cages unless custom built are too small
nope, there's no way that he could have eaten foam :/ room where I let him run freely has no dangerous items ...
I really think you should get him to the vet, even if you have to travel a bit to find a rabbit savvy vet who can see him. What area do you live in, maybe someone here could recommend a vet? Or you can take a look at the house rabbit society website's list of rabbit vets if you haven't already.

Rabbits are not rodents, btw :)

You can't take him to the same vet who dealt with his skin fungus? Not eating and problems going to the bathroom can be very serious in bunnies. I really really think you should get him in to see a vet.

Good luck! Please keep us updated.
that's scary, get him to a vet asap and btw rabbits aren't rodents!
Rabbits are not rodents, btw :)

Heh, sorry, I still have difficulties using english language :D

So, we have visited 3 vets and it was terrible and also cost a lot... First vet was the biggest tyran ever who has just suggested to get rid of the bunny just because he's old and it's harder to take care of him. Second vet was no good and the third one took the test and gave us vitamin supplement and said that he has lost weight just from the oldness...

Well, I'm not satisfied by the info got from vets because I paid more than I heard :confused: Anyways, we are doing better. Bunny started eating more and finally has his appetite that he had long ago!
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