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Hello my name is Jonathan

--> =^_^=

I am an old member of Paw Talk . I joined way back in Dec 2004 under a Slightly different name .

Was unable to get into my old account due to the System not liking my Password any more , even though it was correct . Also the the e.mail that was linked to that account was probably one of my very first e.mails , if not the first . So once the system forgot my Password , there's no way i'd be able to get back in .


I'm 37 and live in South London.

I don't have any Bunnies any more , and my Zoo has shrunk over the years . But I did recently obtain one new member of the family . Flyte the Blue Budgie Boy .

But I also have a One winged Pigeon called Frankie , of which I have had since 2008

And a female Black Cat called Esme Florine . I've had her since 2010

Hope to make some new friends . Possibly even bump into at least one Old Family member .


Regds and Peace

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