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Blek, I have used Phoey bitter apple spray when Acacia was a youngster. I despise it and unless you want to taste it for days after applying it then I suggest something else. Another thing was that once Acacia got past the awful taste she chewed the door and wall anyway she would just eat extra hay afterwards. She really IS the devil. When you spray it, particles are free into the air- YOUR breathing space and somehow everything ends up tasting like it later -_- it's truly gross.

Maybe, like Jess suggested, distract him with toys. Since my city is only super new to road side recycling (I know -_- Backwards much?) I was previously left with re-using old papers and boxes rather then throw in the trash. Every time I emptied a box (oatmeal, crackers, etc. . .) I save the box and fill it with hay and treats and even pellets hidden amongst the hay. That way there's something for bunny to do all day. And it costs nothing!! lol (I'm frugal and love it :p)
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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